The ups and downs of a fabulous, sarcastic klutz

Definately a Pink Princess

I like things that are random, or colourful, ooh or really really cute!
I would love to live in a musical where you could sing and dance in the streets and no one would care or think you're weird.
My drams and aspirations are to find a secure job where I will never get bored, to own a pair of Jimmy Choos, a tiffanies engagement ring, a prada handbag, a Marc Jacobs dress and a Burberry trench coat, and to fall in love with a man who loves me for who I am and will treat me as if I'm all that matter's because that's how he'll feel! Yep, 1st me, then food, world poverty, and dressing well will be his priorities! And he will just appear like that so that I wont have to change him at all!

Not a lot else to say, my life isn't overly interesting but I almost always find SOMETHING to write about!